S.Maharba: French Maid 12''

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S.Maharba: French Maid 12''

Originally intended as a copy for S.Maharba (jacket number "SM/300"), we accidentally sent a numbered copy instead, and have had this in our archive since.

Pressed in 2012, this 12'' had a limited run of 300 copies and was the first official BTS Radio release. They quickly sold out from our site and we're offering our last available copy here.

Highlighting a track from his independently released, self-titled LP from 2008, this 12’’ includes an extended version of the song “French Maid” with a remix from The Clonious on the flip. Translucent vinyl.

A1. French Maid (Extended Version)
B1. French Maid (The Clonious Remix)

Executive Producer: Andrew J. Meza.
Artwork & Design by S.Maharba. Additional Design by Charles Munka.